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Where Are You Parked?

Depending on where you fall on the career spectrum, Career Catalyst can create a customized road map to help you arrive at your destination. So fasten your seatbelt and enjoy the ride! 

Mapping Your Destination

High School Students preparing to transition into early adulthood may benefit from:

  • Assistance choosing colleges/trade schools

  • Navigating application processes for FAFSA and other scholarships

  • Learning of beneficial volunteer opportunities

  • Early career planning

  • High School Revamp Services

  • Jump Start Academy

Adjusting Your Speed

For a head start in the race to success, College Students and Early Careerists (3 years of professional experience or less) seeking growth may benefit from:

  • Professional Development Coaching 

  • Personal Finance Coaching (strategies for investing and paying down debt)

  • Early/Mid Careerist Revamp Services

  • Jump Start Academy

  • Free resources and industry tips 

Switching Gears

If you are seeking a career switch or the opportunity to return to school, Career Catalyst is here to serve! Benefits may include: 

  • Career Coaching (planning, admissions process, etc)  

  • Professional Development Coaching

  • Entrepreneurship Coaching 

  • Personal Finance Coaching

Cruise Control

Mid Careerists and Executives (4 years of professional experience) who are experienced in their careers can also benefit from our services. They may find value in: 

  • Early/Mid Careerist Revamp Services

  • Personal Development Coaching

  • Personal Finance Coaching

  • Jump Start Academy (Serving as a mentor)

Easy Street

Experienced Careerists (5+ years of relevant professional experience) may benefit from: 

  • Experienced Revamp Services

  • Personal Finance Coaching

  • Entrepreneurship Coaching 

  • Jump Start Academy (Serving as a mentor or sponsor)

Professional Drag Racer

We believe in a holistic approach to fostering high performance and career satisfaction, which goes beyond individual coaching. Company Clients can expect: 

  • On-site or virtual talent/professional development workshops

  • A customized toolkit to engage and retain top talent

  • A plan tailored to their unique organizational needs

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